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MGTHA Watches are one of the fastest growing watch brands, and we are currently looking for individuals to join the MGTHA family with a variety of positions available. We are looking for hard-working, ambitious and driven individuals to help grow this worldwide movement. If you wish to apply, please email your CV and a cover letter including references to






Designers - Offer up ideas for new watches, helping design the watches. Must have an understanding of what makes a watch, as well as being able to present an idea effectively.


Social Media Coordinator - Will work closely with the marketing and creative director, as well as the CMO and CTO. Is responsible for maintaining the brands online presence. Will offer up suggestions of new promoters to marketing and creative director, and will work closely with current promoters to maintain the brands social media image.


Marketing and creative director - Will play a key role in the advertising processes, handling the creative side of them.


COO (Chief operating officer) - Handles operational details, day to day interactions with other team members. Need to have good communication skills, be highly organised and be able to commit fully to the job.


CFO (Chief financial officer) - Handles financial operations. Has responsibility of the brands money, budgeting. Need to be extremely organised, have an astute eye for detail and be excellent with numbers.


CMO (Chief marketing officer) - Suggests, implements and manages marketing strategies, including sales strategies. Enlists distributers and promoters. Analyses target markets, understanding how to make our products unique. Needs to be fully competent with technology and social media, including facebook/instagram/twitter/pinterest/youtube. Need to be able to analyse a marketing strategies progress, and suggest changes if needed.


CTO (Chief technology officer) - Keeps up with technology trends, integrating them into the companies strategies. Will work closely with CMO on marketing strategies. Need to have an excellent understanding of technology. 

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